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My platform of choice is anti-bullying. This is an important platform to me because I have been bullied many times. I’d get made fun of for dressing nice for school, how i talked, how I walked and so forth. Bullying has impacted my life in a big way. I lost interest in the activities I used to love, I lost lots of friends and I started hating myself. This was the worst feeling in the world so i decided that I would not take it anymore.

I knew something had to be done so I took a stand. I didn’t want anyone to feel the way I felt.

I went to an anti-bullying conference which started my journey with the blue string campaign. The blue string campaign is put on by Sasktel, it is a campaign to end bullying. What you do is you wear a blue string around your wrist which represents that you will be there for people that are being bullied. Wearing the blustering will help people being bullied know that they are not alone.

I started giving presentations to every grade in my K-12 School. before I knew it I had every kid in the elementary end as well as a big portion of highschoolers wearing blue strings around their wrists.

I had done it. I got the word out on what bullying is and as a school we decreased the amount of bulling that went on at school and around our community.

Anti-bullying is my platform because it is very personal to me and it effects 2 out of every 3 people.

If I win Miss Teen Canada I would start doing presentations around the country on anti-bullying as well as make youtube videos to educate the world on bullying and how we can put an end to it.

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I would like to take a minute to thank my wonderful sponsors. without them my journey to nationals would not be possible.

This trip means so much to me. I’m very excited to meet all the wonderful contestants in Toronto. I am also very excited to get to experience Toronto for my first time. The pageant is not just about winning to me but it is a chance to show the world who I am, to prove to myself who i can be and to grow as a young lady.

Gold Sponsors:

Jarrod Oils Ltd.

JoDanco Oil Ltd.

Southern Pressure Testers Ltd.

Holizki Electric

Silver Sponsors:

Dr. Olfert

Swift Current Orthodontics

Knight Dodge

Dr. Stock Dental P.C. Ltd.

Bronze Sponsors:

Central Energy Services

Eecol Electric

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Canada is a very loving, kind, respectful and beautiful place. I’m so happy to be able to call Canada my home and to be representing my province to other people all across Canada.

In Canada there are many sites to see. you can visit both the pacific ocean and the Atlantic ocean. You can also see our beautiful mountain range “the rocky mountains. In Saskatchewan you can watch the sunset and sunrise almost any day and every time you will be amazed. You can fish in the east coast as well as visit the beautiful islands over there.

Canada is very diverse making everyone feel together but also as an individual.

I am so happy to call Canada my home. I am very proud to be Canadian.


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Welcome to my blog. I am this year’s (2015) 2nd runner up to the Miss Teen Saskatchewan title. Pageants were never a part of my life style before this amazing opportunity I received. The only thing I knew about pageants I learned from the movie Miss Congeniality. Before the pageant I focused my time on sports, working with children and school.

I am involved in a wide variety of sports both individual and team. The main sport I do is figure skating which I also volunteer many hours of my time to organize and help the club run smoothly, last November I got my coaching certificate so soon I will be the full time coach at our rink. At school I run Cross-country and made it to provincials twice in this. I also run track and have competed provincially once and soon will know if I qualified to do so again. In the Fall for the past 5 years I Have played volleyball, although I am not the best player I was awarded the spirit award. In the Spring I enjoy spending my time playing softball, I played with my team in the Saskatchewan provincials.  Sports I am no longer involved in due to scheduling issues include: Soccer, karate, basketball, Dance and curling.

Other than just sports I have worked as a lifeguard and at our local daycare. I love working with children so these two jobs are perfect for me. At the pool I teach lessons and do pool maintenance. At the daycare I get to play with kids and keep them busy with creative activities. Although I work with youth now when I grow up I hope to be a fashion designer.

Fashion has always played a big role in my life. At the age 4 I already showed interest in the fashion world. I made comments to my parents about how certain things weren’t my taste and I also would cut up my clothing to make it look like things I saw on TV.  I made my first dress with my auntie at the age of 5 and since then have made six more dresses and plan on making much more in the future.

My experience at the pageant was incredible. I grew more and learned more about myself in the two days at the pageant than I ever have before. The weekend of the pageant I got more confident in my body, my talking, and myself in general. I gained many new great friend and got my first taste of the adventures I can have as a pageant girl. I would never take back those two days because I had so much fun and it will be a highlight of my life forever.

If I were to describe myself in three words those words would be: Positive, leader, proactive.

I have had to deal with a lot of thing people struggle with, the main would be bullying. I was bullied about clothes I wore, actives I was involved in and small things I did day to day. With all the bullying i turned it around and started presenting to younger kids educating them about bullying and how as a young person they could end it. That is one example of me being a positive person.

I like to lead and take charge. At school i am involved in the action club which like the title is an amazing group of children that work together to do different fundraisers and different movements like anti-bullying, 30 hour famine, relay for life and the list goes on. In this club I am the oldest so I encourage the younger kids to help out, join and participate, along with that I lead meetings and lead them in our fundraisers.

Proactive means acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty. again I have been giving presentations to youth in hopes to prevent them to go through the pain and struggle i had to go through when I was bullied. I also work as a lifeguard which you have to be very proactive by keeping children safe and having them follow the rules before something bad occurs.

There is your first look on who I am. Thank you.


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Hey everyone, here’s the second part!!

Day 6: July 19th, 2012. Tonight was the preliminary competition!!! A very exciting day filled with rehearsals in the morning, then hair and makeup and of course the show!


We had our hair and makeup done professionally done for the preliminaries the same as for our photo shoots. Then it was time to walk the stage! It felt so amazing to walk out on stage that night in front of a live audience and I also was able to see my family in the audience!

Day 7: July 20th, 2012. Talent night!!! But of course before the amazingly talented girls could show off their magic it was a morning of rehearsals. But this rehearsal was extra special because we were able to meet one of the hosts for the final night show: Luke Bilyk! Luke is a successful, Canadian actor who plays Drew in the hit TV Show Degrassi! Luke introduced himself to all of us and was more than happy to take pictures with each and every girl!

Luke Bilyk and I!

He is so absolutely sweet in person! Then came the talent night! I did not perform a talent but I was fortunate enough to experience all the other beautiful girls show off their skills. I’m very proud of Nichelle Thomson who received the Talent Night award and put on an excellent showcase of her acrobatics skills!

Day 8: July 21st, 2012. This was the night!! I have to say that I did not place in the top 20 in the competition but that is just fine with me. I am proud of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve accomplished thus far in my life. I just hope that I can help others achieve their dreams and always encourage them to believe in themselves. I would like to congratulate Megha Sandhu who is the new Miss Teen Canada-World! She is such an amazing person inside and out, and I’m sure she will do us proud in everything she pursues during her rein! Thank you all so much for being here for me through everything. This is an experience I’ll never forget and I recommend it to anyone who is willing to try something new and learn about themselves as a person. Much love and always follow your dreams. <3 Dakota

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Hey everyone, I know this post is long overdue but due to the network being down for awhile I had to wait until now to give you all the spill on my full experience at the National Competition!

So, starting on Day 2: July 15th, 2012. The second day in Toronto we had a day in at the hotel. But a day in did not mean any relaxing! We were up early and downstairs for a day filled with hair and makeup preparations, photo shoots, scored interviews, and video interviews!


I had my hair and makeup done by professional stylists then went for my interview with the national judges which was counted as a part of my overall score. After the interview which was a little nerve wrecking haha, I went to the photo shoot which was being shot by a professional photographer from Toronto. The photo shoot was my first real photo shoot and it was so much fun! When I had finished the photo shoot we had a quick video interview where we answered some personal questions such as: Who is your role model?; What was your favorite moment as a titleholder?; and who is your celebrity crush!? And to close out the day we had a “Mentor Night” where some incredible motivational speakers came to talk to us! It was a really fun and exhausting day to say the least!

Day 3: July 16th, 2012. On our third day we took an outing to Extreme Fitness in downtown Toronto where we had an awesome workout! The workout was instructed by Stephanie Johanne a personal trainer that works at the gym. Stephanie helped us through the tough workout and it was a pleasure to work with someone with such success in the fitness industry. After our workout with Extreme Fitness we headed back to the hotel for some rehearsals!!

Stephanie Joanne!

Day 4: July 17th, 2012. Day 4 was filled with excitement!! We were up bright and early on this day because we were headed off to Breakfast Television Toronto! This was my first time ever being on television which was pretty exciting!

Breakfast Television Toronto!

We made our way to the studio and it sure is interesting seeing everything from the perspective of being the live audience. Once we had finished our media portion of the day we headed out for breakfast at a beautiful little restaurant where we were asked to pose for our first picture with a fan!! Haha, well not exactly a fan but an adoring passerby! Next we were headed for a boat trip around Lake Ontario!

Captain Bob showing us the ropes!

This was my first time ever being on a big boat out on a lake! I really enjoyed it despite my fear of lakes and oceans!!

Day 5: July 18th, 2012. Day 5 was another fun filled day for us pageant girls! In the morning we went to Toronto’s famous attraction: The CN Tower! It was such an amazing experience and I loved it, despite yet again one of my fears being heights haha! I had never been in the CN Tower before so it was a whole new adventure for me.

At the top of the CN Tower!

All the girls had a great time: standing on the glass floor, looking out at the city, taking pictures with each other and civilians that asked! It was such a great time! Another great moment that came out of it was when we were all walking out on the street to get back to the bus and people would notice that we were pageant girls (well I mean we were wearing crowns and sashes, what else were you going to think). And as we were walking they started clapping for us which made it feel like I was famous or something! Nonetheless it was a good feeling! After our CN Tower visit we went to the Eaton Centre where each girl was given a $50.00 gift certificate to spend shopping for the afternoon. Another crazy moment was when we were walking through that mall and people everywhere would take pictures of us! I felt like a celebrity haha!!! Later that night we attended Much Music where we were on the set for New Music Live and had a blast!

New Music Live!

Watch for Part 2 where I will cover the rest of the days! Love you all!

xoxo Dakota

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