Hey there everyone,
I just wanted to make a post about the lovely animals at my ranch and how growing up in the country has been so incredible for me!

The little sweetheart, Montana!

At our home we have quite a few animals! 10 horses, about 25 cows/calves and 4 bulls, 5 dogs, 14 cats (with some new kittens!), a pony and our fish! It’s actually kind of hard listing out all those; I didn’t realize we had so many!

Our very energetic girl, Mina!

I love spending time outside with all of our animals, playing with them and training them. Owning animals has really taught me responsibility and commitment.

My red angus cow Mandy!

Because when caring for animals you can’t decide not to go out and feed them or not clean their pens. You have to be willing and passionate about what you are doing and truly love the animals you are working with!

Oliver is one of our many cats!

So I live on a ranch, half an hour from towns with 100 people in them, hours from cities, with no satellite and slow internet.

Aria is the newest addition to our family!

And most people would think of that as a bad thing (I know sometimes I sure did!) but living out in the middle of nowhere has really been the best thing I could wish for!

Buddy (left), Rosabelle (center) and Beauty (right)!

Sure I don’t live close to towns, but I have a close-knit family of neighbors I’ve known since I was born!

Our hansome boy, Zoro!

Sure I don’t have the best T.V. or internet connections, but why would I need to watch T.V. or stare at a computer screen with the amazing adventures I could have in the wilderness beyond my door! So sure I might not be a city babe, but I sure am proud to be COUNTRY!
I love all my animals out here on the ranch! And I love being a country girl!

Our old dog T!

Xoxo Dakota

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Thanks for sharing this Dakota. Someday there will be a Pets Badge and you will surely be awarded that badge for this post, someday soon I hope…

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