Welcome to my blog. I am this year’s (2015) 2nd runner up to the Miss Teen Saskatchewan title. Pageants were never a part of my life style before this amazing opportunity I received. The only thing I knew about pageants I learned from the movie Miss Congeniality. Before the pageant I focused my time on sports, working with children and school.

I am involved in a wide variety of sports both individual and team. The main sport I do is figure skating which I also volunteer many hours of my time to organize and help the club run smoothly, last November I got my coaching certificate so soon I will be the full time coach at our rink. At school I run Cross-country and made it to provincials twice in this. I also run track and have competed provincially once and soon will know if I qualified to do so again. In the Fall for the past 5 years I Have played volleyball, although I am not the best player I was awarded the spirit award. In the Spring I enjoy spending my time playing softball, I played with my team in the Saskatchewan provincials.  Sports I am no longer involved in due to scheduling issues include: Soccer, karate, basketball, Dance and curling.

Other than just sports I have worked as a lifeguard and at our local daycare. I love working with children so these two jobs are perfect for me. At the pool I teach lessons and do pool maintenance. At the daycare I get to play with kids and keep them busy with creative activities. Although I work with youth now when I grow up I hope to be a fashion designer.

Fashion has always played a big role in my life. At the age 4 I already showed interest in the fashion world. I made comments to my parents about how certain things weren’t my taste and I also would cut up my clothing to make it look like things I saw on TV.  I made my first dress with my auntie at the age of 5 and since then have made six more dresses and plan on making much more in the future.

My experience at the pageant was incredible. I grew more and learned more about myself in the two days at the pageant than I ever have before. The weekend of the pageant I got more confident in my body, my talking, and myself in general. I gained many new great friend and got my first taste of the adventures I can have as a pageant girl. I would never take back those two days because I had so much fun and it will be a highlight of my life forever.

If I were to describe myself in three words those words would be: Positive, leader, proactive.

I have had to deal with a lot of thing people struggle with, the main would be bullying. I was bullied about clothes I wore, actives I was involved in and small things I did day to day. With all the bullying i turned it around and started presenting to younger kids educating them about bullying and how as a young person they could end it. That is one example of me being a positive person.

I like to lead and take charge. At school i am involved in the action club which like the title is an amazing group of children that work together to do different fundraisers and different movements like anti-bullying, 30 hour famine, relay for life and the list goes on. In this club I am the oldest so I encourage the younger kids to help out, join and participate, along with that I lead meetings and lead them in our fundraisers.

Proactive means acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty. again I have been giving presentations to youth in hopes to prevent them to go through the pain and struggle i had to go through when I was bullied. I also work as a lifeguard which you have to be very proactive by keeping children safe and having them follow the rules before something bad occurs.

There is your first look on who I am. Thank you.


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