Hey everyone, I know this post is long overdue but due to the network being down for awhile I had to wait until now to give you all the spill on my full experience at the National Competition!

So, starting on Day 2: July 15th, 2012. The second day in Toronto we had a day in at the hotel. But a day in did not mean any relaxing! We were up early and downstairs for a day filled with hair and makeup preparations, photo shoots, scored interviews, and video interviews!


I had my hair and makeup done by professional stylists then went for my interview with the national judges which was counted as a part of my overall score. After the interview which was a little nerve wrecking haha, I went to the photo shoot which was being shot by a professional photographer from Toronto. The photo shoot was my first real photo shoot and it was so much fun! When I had finished the photo shoot we had a quick video interview where we answered some personal questions such as: Who is your role model?; What was your favorite moment as a titleholder?; and who is your celebrity crush!? And to close out the day we had a “Mentor Night” where some incredible motivational speakers came to talk to us! It was a really fun and exhausting day to say the least!

Day 3: July 16th, 2012. On our third day we took an outing to Extreme Fitness in downtown Toronto where we had an awesome workout! The workout was instructed by Stephanie Johanne a personal trainer that works at the gym. Stephanie helped us through the tough workout and it was a pleasure to work with someone with such success in the fitness industry. After our workout with Extreme Fitness we headed back to the hotel for some rehearsals!!

Stephanie Joanne!

Day 4: July 17th, 2012. Day 4 was filled with excitement!! We were up bright and early on this day because we were headed off to Breakfast Television Toronto! This was my first time ever being on television which was pretty exciting!

Breakfast Television Toronto!

We made our way to the studio and it sure is interesting seeing everything from the perspective of being the live audience. Once we had finished our media portion of the day we headed out for breakfast at a beautiful little restaurant where we were asked to pose for our first picture with a fan!! Haha, well not exactly a fan but an adoring passerby! Next we were headed for a boat trip around Lake Ontario!

Captain Bob showing us the ropes!

This was my first time ever being on a big boat out on a lake! I really enjoyed it despite my fear of lakes and oceans!!

Day 5: July 18th, 2012. Day 5 was another fun filled day for us pageant girls! In the morning we went to Toronto’s famous attraction: The CN Tower! It was such an amazing experience and I loved it, despite yet again one of my fears being heights haha! I had never been in the CN Tower before so it was a whole new adventure for me.

At the top of the CN Tower!

All the girls had a great time: standing on the glass floor, looking out at the city, taking pictures with each other and civilians that asked! It was such a great time! Another great moment that came out of it was when we were all walking out on the street to get back to the bus and people would notice that we were pageant girls (well I mean we were wearing crowns and sashes, what else were you going to think). And as we were walking they started clapping for us which made it feel like I was famous or something! Nonetheless it was a good feeling! After our CN Tower visit we went to the Eaton Centre where each girl was given a $50.00 gift certificate to spend shopping for the afternoon. Another crazy moment was when we were walking through that mall and people everywhere would take pictures of us! I felt like a celebrity haha!!! Later that night we attended Much Music where we were on the set for New Music Live and had a blast!

New Music Live!

Watch for Part 2 where I will cover the rest of the days! Love you all!

xoxo Dakota

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