Hey everyone, here’s the second part!!

Day 6: July 19th, 2012. Tonight was the preliminary competition!!! A very exciting day filled with rehearsals in the morning, then hair and makeup and of course the show!


We had our hair and makeup done professionally done for the preliminaries the same as for our photo shoots. Then it was time to walk the stage! It felt so amazing to walk out on stage that night in front of a live audience and I also was able to see my family in the audience!

Day 7: July 20th, 2012. Talent night!!! But of course before the amazingly talented girls could show off their magic it was a morning of rehearsals. But this rehearsal was extra special because we were able to meet one of the hosts for the final night show: Luke Bilyk! Luke is a successful, Canadian actor who plays Drew in the hit TV Show Degrassi! Luke introduced himself to all of us and was more than happy to take pictures with each and every girl!

Luke Bilyk and I!

He is so absolutely sweet in person! Then came the talent night! I did not perform a talent but I was fortunate enough to experience all the other beautiful girls show off their skills. I’m very proud of Nichelle Thomson who received the Talent Night award and put on an excellent showcase of her acrobatics skills!

Day 8: July 21st, 2012. This was the night!! I have to say that I did not place in the top 20 in the competition but that is just fine with me. I am proud of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve accomplished thus far in my life. I just hope that I can help others achieve their dreams and always encourage them to believe in themselves. I would like to congratulate Megha Sandhu who is the new Miss Teen Canada-World! She is such an amazing person inside and out, and I’m sure she will do us proud in everything she pursues during her rein! Thank you all so much for being here for me through everything. This is an experience I’ll never forget and I recommend it to anyone who is willing to try something new and learn about themselves as a person. Much love and always follow your dreams. <3 Dakota

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Thanks you for this Dakota. This is a very comprehensive account and it must have taken some time to create and I do appreciate you taking the time and writing this up.

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