Hey everyone! As a part of blogging I have been asked to do a blog post about my dream vacation for one of Miss Teen Canada-World’s official sponsors, the travel company S-Trip! They will be awarding the lucky girl who wins the Social Media Queen award a trip! So here is mine!

A Kangaroo Leap Into The Outback!

Who would like to see a kangaroo?!


My dream vacation would be a long distance horseback ride across the breathtaking Australian Outback!

Inspiring this trip is the amazing Joe Guy (horse trainer, actor, author, motivational speaker, singer and songwriter). I met Joe last year at a local fair where he was demonstrating his colt breaking skills and technique. After his clinic I had an opportunity to chat with Joe and also purchased his book and DVD as well as a very useful bridle he designed himself.

Joe working his magic!

After reading Joe’s book and watching his DVD in a matter of days, I had found that Joe had ridden thousands of kilometers over the Outback of Australia (where he is originally from)! Learning many useful facts and lifelong lessons during the journey, Joe inspired me to take on the challenge of an incredible trip like this, one day!

I would take my sister, Madison and my best friend Mattea on this trip with me. With us all being “horse people” I figured this would be a great ride to take as we have spent many hours riding together before. And we could end our trip by spending some time at the beach in Sydney of course!

Mattea (left) and Madison (right)!

Having Joe Guy as our tour guide would be even more exciting!!! Or even if we saw him during our trip, haha!

I think Mattea and Madison would most enjoy the riding during the trip and the change of scenery. It would be quite a transition from south west Saskatchewan’s native prairie grasslands and rolling hills to the dry deserts and towering sand dunes of Australia’s Outback. I hope they would enjoy the simplicity of it all with just enough

Madison and I out for a ride!

supplies to survive, slowly making our way across the land. I wish they would forget their worries and live in the moment to fully embrace the trip and all it has to offer.

It would be great to travel with all my friends, of course! Although for this trip I may have to alter it a bit, seeing as some of my friends couldn’t stay on a horse if their life depended on it! But the different culture and landscape would definitely be enjoyed by all!

This would be my dream vacation sponsored by the outstanding travel company, S-Trip!

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Check out S-Trip’s official website to find out more about the company!- www.s-trip.com

Also check out the man behind the inspiration!- www.joeguylongrider.com

Thanks for reading my blog post and stay tuned! Toronto is coming up fast!! Only 8 days! See you soon,

xoxo Dakota

A life spent defying the odds, achieving goals and fulfilling dreams.-Joe Guy


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4 Responses to My Dream Vacation With S-Trip!

  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Cool stuff Dakota. I’ve got to congratulate you on being the first delegate to post a dream vacation post for S-Trip! Points for being so quick!

  2. dakotacooke says:

    Thanks! Can’t wait for Toronto! See you there!

  3. Tammy Cooke says:

    Great job on the dream vacation post, I know for you girls it would be another fun filled riding adventure as friends make the experience so worthwhile!!!!! Happy Trails ladies!!!!!!

  4. Bessie says:

    So glad you and I share the same hero!!! I wish I could see that man again, he is truly a motivated, skilled man. I think that I would hide in your guys’s suitcases, because I wouldn’t want to miss a single moment!! Love you girl, and so proud!!

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