Chasing Perfection, Chasing Dreams…

In Chasing Perfection, Chasing Dreams… the breathtaking and heart pounding reality T.V. show takes viewers into the world of gymnastics as Dakota Cooke takes you on thrilling trips to all corners of the world to meet and work with past Olympic medalist gymnasts! Dakota will visit the champions’ gyms to tour and spend one week training with each champion on a specific skill or element.

Nastia Liukin!

Not only will Chasing Perfection, Chasing Dreams… focus on the hard working, coordinated and incredibly strong gymnasts, it will also show the heart, determination, strive and love for the sport that each gymnast has to obtain to succeed! The hour long show will run once weekly and outline the week spent in each destination with each special guest! And the best part yet… Dakota’s co-host is none other than the 2008 All Around Olympic Champion Nastia Liukin!!! Nastia will be joining the team and traveling around the world as well.

The Meaning Behind “Chasing Perfection, Chasing Dreams…”

The meaning behind our title “Chasing Perfection, Chasing Dreams…” is that reaching perfection in gymnastics is only worthwhile if you are following your dreams. Gymnastics is judged based on perfection of a skill. If you don’t point your toe: deduction. If your leg is slightly bent: deduction. So this is what explains the “Chasing Perfection” portion. And the second portion is just chasing your dreams and never giving up on them!


The goal of Chasing Perfection, Chasing Dreams… is to show the real world of gymnastics. When some people see gymnastics, they think it’s only a bunch of little girls dancing around in little pink leotards. But when in reality, gymnasts spend hours in the gym each week and even each day. They endure pains from ripped calluses to broken bones. They require so much focus to direst every movement and always make sure your toes are pointed! So with this show we would like to show how a gymnast’s life is, the good and the bad.


The show will reach all generations and all types of people as the show plays worldwide every week. The amazing skills and the stubborn determination of the incredible gymnasts will attract all eyes to the screen!


The sponsors for Chasing Perfection, Chasing Dreams… are Goody and Richard Sibbald Photography!


We are so happy to have Goody as one of our sponsors! Goody was chosen as a sponsor because their hair products are used throughout our journey. Gymnasts must have hair pulled back and with Goody hair supplies, of course!

Richard Sibbald Photography

We are equally as glad for having Richard Sibbald as our photographer for the show. Richard will be capturing the magical moments of action during the trip and his shots will be played during the credits at the end of each episode!

I hope you enjoy my show!

That is the summary of my dream T.V. show! I hope you all would enjoy and tune in to it! Thank you for all your support so far! Less than a week left 🙂

xoxo Dakota

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Good idea Dakota. I bet a lot of people would watch this show esp before and after the Olympics! Please be sure and link to the sponsors. You can even make the logos link to sponsor websites.

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