My platform of choice is anti-bullying. This is an important platform to me because I have been bullied many times. I’d get made fun of for dressing nice for school, how i talked, how I walked and so forth. Bullying has impacted my life in a big way. I lost interest in the activities I used to love, I lost lots of friends and I started hating myself. This was the worst feeling in the world so i decided that I would not take it anymore.

I knew something had to be done so I took a stand. I didn’t want anyone to feel the way I felt.

I went to an anti-bullying conference which started my journey with the blue string campaign. The blue string campaign is put on by Sasktel, it is a campaign to end bullying. What you do is you wear a blue string around your wrist which represents that you will be there for people that are being bullied. Wearing the blustering will help people being bullied know that they are not alone.

I started giving presentations to every grade in my K-12 School. before I knew it I had every kid in the elementary end as well as a big portion of highschoolers wearing blue strings around their wrists.

I had done it. I got the word out on what bullying is and as a school we decreased the amount of bulling that went on at school and around our community.

Anti-bullying is my platform because it is very personal to me and it effects 2 out of every 3 people.

If I win Miss Teen Canada I would start doing presentations around the country on anti-bullying as well as make youtube videos to educate the world on bullying and how we can put an end to it.

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