On Saturday, May 5th, 2012 I attended the Saskatchewan Country Music Association (SCMA) show held in Maple Creek! The show featured many amazing artists that have so much talent! I was fortunate enough to help announce some things throughout the night and help with raffle and 50/50 tickets. This was my first event I attended with sash and crown which was very exciting! I was invited to attend this event by a friend of mine who also performed throughout the night. Jordana Vos Jans is a growing, young country music singer and songwriter. She is a very talented young lady who is sure to go far with her career and dreams! Jordana performed during the Youth Hour at the event covering multiple country star’s songs and also performing an original! Many other impressive artists attended the show which made the night of dancing and of course listening, unforgettable! Here are some pictures from the night!

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On Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 my school had it’s annual “Anti-Bullying Day”! We were asked to dress in all pink to support the day! Anti-Bullying Day is a very important day for me and I feel that it makes a big impact on everyone who is aware of it. On Anti-Bullying Day I wore my full outfit of pink to show my support and was overwhelmed by all the other supporters at my school! For those of you who don’t know the story of the “wear pink to support anti-bullying” here it is: In 2007, a young man in high school wore a pink shirt to school but soon was bullied for wearing it. When two older students saw the bullying, they decided to wear pink shirts to school the next day as well. They stood up to the bully and stood next to the victim. The two students then bought more pink shirts and encouraged other students to wear them as well. Soon the whole school was wearing pink shirts to stand up to the bully and bullying in general, to send the message that bullying isn’t OK and we need to take the responsibility of trying to stop it. The story is very moving and inspirational to me and to many more in the world. So, during the day I took some pictures of the supporters at my school and I would like to share them with you all! Always remember to stand tall against bullies and help the victims build themselves up!

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Hello, My name is Dakota Cooke and I am Miss Teen Southwestern Saskatchewan-World 2012! I am thirteen years old and live on a farm/ranch about thirty minutes outside a small town called Tompkins. I have grown up at our ranch my whole life and have enjoyed the quiet, rural areas of southwest Saskatchewan! I’m currently enrolled in eighth grade at Hazlet School in the small village of Hazlet. I started attending Hazlet School when I was in sixth grade and spent my elementary years at Tompkins School. Switching schools has allowed me to make many new friends and given me many new opportunities but I will never forget my old school or the friends I made there. I like to spend my spare time dancing, practicing gymnastics, riding my horse, and spending time with my animals, friends and family! I enjoy lending a hand to anyone in need and try my best to help in all situations to the best of my ability. I have been taking gymnastics classes for the past five years and just recently finished off my first season of provincial gymnastics! Gymnastics is a sport that I am very passionate about and dedicated to! I love spending time at the gym training with my friends and having a great time!


My family has supported me fully throughout all that I have been through and still continue to do so every minute of every day! I am very close with my parents as well as my siblings! I have one older brother, Brady. One older sister, Madison. And lastly one younger sister, Virginia. My childhood has consisted of almost any adventure you could imagine with these crazy siblings of mine! Currently, my two sisters still live at home with my parents and I, while my brother has moved out to the neighboring city of Swift Current where he lives with his girlfriend, son and roommate. That brings me to my next point of introducing you to my cute, little nephew Chase! I am so proud to be an aunty and am enjoying every minute of watching Chase grow up so close to me! I hope to inspire him in his growing years to always believe in himself and follow his dreams as I continue to do today!


Blue dress, crown, Dakota Cooke

My platform is to build self esteem in today’s youth throughout the world! I strongly believe in youth having positive self esteem because that is what fuels the ambition in their everyday lives and pushes them to follow their dreams and become the best person they can possibly be! Having a positive body image is a concern among today’s youth, especially teenagers who struggle with their bodies changing and feeling pressures about their body from others. I feel that since I am one of the younger contestants I will be able to relate to younger children and teens as well as being mature enough to interact with older teens to discuss issues relating to self esteem. I am excited to speak about my platform and to inform as many people about the issue as I can!

Thank You!

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In conclusion of my introductory blog post I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, everyone (family, friends, sponsors, community members, teachers and many more) who have supported me so far on my journey to becoming the next Miss Teen Canada-World! Your support has motivated me to keep going and never give up on my dreams and goals! Special thank you to the Miss Teen Canada-World staff who helped me set up my blog and to Michelle Weswaldi for guiding me on my path so far! Thank you everyone!

Goodbye for now and stay tuned as updates are posted throughout my reigning year!

Dakota xoxo

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